[SONG] #BBCLive Adele x Black and Gold (Sam Sparro Cover) + Promise This (Cheryl Cole Cover)

“Black and Gold”

Adele is like the Randy Jackson’s saying “dawg, you can sing the phone book” – you can send her anything, and she’ll ace it to the greatest perfection. Prior to releasing her debut album ’19’, Adele appeared on the BBC Live show to introduce herself to the UK world. “Black and Gold”, a cover of Sam Sparro’s Grammy-nominated debut single, is a great acoustic rendition of his electronica/EDM hit. Here, the verses are especially memorable, with Adele’s piercing vocals adding soul to Sam’s hit. Listen and download below.

Watch the original version (by Sam Sparro) HERE.

Download Adele’s version HERE.

“Promise This”

Her cover of UK star Cheryl Cole’s “Promise This” is, to Adele, reminiscent of her own “Rolling In The Deep”. Although she doesn’t change the lyrics, Adele’s powerhoused vocal performance puts Cheryl’s teeny effort to pure shame. If Adele ever recorded this as her single, I’m certain it would be more successful that Cheryl’s effort, and possibly more successful than her own ’21’ debut single. Listen and download below. 

Download Adele’s version HERE.

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