[FASHION] Azealia Banks x Liquorice x Nicola Formichetti

In taxi cabs across New York City whether on the tellie or radio, one can almost always count on hearing the raucous rhythms of “212” by the Manhattan roamer Azealia Banks. Whether talking about the Uptown A train or the Crown Fried Chicken on Lenox Avenue, Ms. B-A-N-K-S sucks you in with her controversial lyrics and unique #aquamermaid style. Now that Azealia is becoming a type of overnight phenomenon, she has garnered the interest of some of the most influential people in the fashion industry. In her most recent video release for “Liquorice”, the evolution of Banks is evident with sleek, polished hair and unique fashions, so let’s rip into the looks from this upgraded diva.

In this first photo of Harlem’s own Banks, she rocks the now trendy American flag print ensemble. As we are in a current presidential election year, the flag has popped up throughout the fashion world with Azealia sporting the flag shorts and bra-like top set by Unif. While the flag look is growing on us over at TUA, I appreciate the efforts to incorporate it in current trends, but  it would have been more appreciated as separate pieces rather than a matching ensemble. Love the divine pumps in this shot – made by United Nude. Azealia’s accessories include gold bracelets by Noir, earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane, and sunglasses by St. Marks Place. The bat was a cute addition also, as it definitely brings the non-traditional All-American look full circle.

Can we say #yassssss to the chaps – this is by far one of the best looks in the video. After all, sexy black leather chaps by David Samuel combined with the red leather gun gloves by Fratelli Orsini is just genius of the video’s fashion director Nicola Formichetti. The fabulous black vest is by fashion guru Alexander Wang, and the boots were created by Stetson the cowboy clothier. To sum it all up, Formichetti includes Azealia’s own vintage hat, top, and brooch to make all the gals crave this look.

Though not the best look of the bunch, it is still eye-catching and unique for a female rapper. With sheer black plants by Jeremy Scott tailored magnificently for her slender lithe body, you simply have to admire the overall quality of the garment. The Chromate   bra top is accompanied by the ethereally dark romance leather/sheer vest by S&G. The gloves by Fratelli Orsini make up for the Dr. Marten’s shoe credit, which aren’t visible  at all in the video clip.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bra in this shot – how awesome is that with its built-in chunky neck piece by Huit. The pants and garter are by Skingraft, and the skillfully crafted leather harness was custom designed by David Samuel Menkes. Fratelli Orsini continues to wow us with gorgeous black leather gloves, accompanied by Gasoline Glamour shoes. Even with all the glamour here, a separate ode is due to the polished and premium hair styling in this photo.

BOOM! POW! BAM! –  this blue fluffy fur number by Adrienne Landau invokes all of those expressions from us. What a jaw dropping piece, but don’t forget the effervescent frames by Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm.

As we watch Azealia metaphorically sacrificing herself to the powers that be, you can see it in her own #barbieglory. With the matching skirt, top, and shoes crafted by Jeremy Scott, the dramatic fire adds to the punch of her ensemble.

Overall, Azealia is proving to be a force to reckon with as she rises to fame. The looks in the “Liquorice” video were the brain children of Nicola Formichetti. He assisted Banks in peeking all of our curiosity and burgeoning questions regarding her high fashion status when pondering what will the chocolate bombshell come up with next. I’ll be watching on the Uptown A with popcorn to see how everything unfolds.

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