[REVIEW] Weeds 8.1 x Messy

With every season premiere of Weeds, there’s always an extraneous amount of baggage from the previous season  that needs to be immediately tied up. Last season ended with a bullet being fired at Nancy during a family dinner speech, and the final season premiere starts right where season seven left off. Nancy finds herself on the floor critiquing the dinner glass selection and Andy’s highlights, as she doesn’t realize she’s been shot in the head. Andy calls 911 as Nancy stands up, bullet still lodged in her head, and rides with Silas to the hospital, still asking questions about any and everything in a state of delusion.
The #bravebotwin Shane goes to catch the shooter who miraculously gets away. Jill’s neighbors Phyllis and Whimsey Ardmore see the crime scene and are interrogated by the police. Shane uses his police academy training to accurately assess the crime scene in a matter of seconds, as the Greenwich Police step into a pool of Nancy’s blood. At the hospital, Silas sits with Shane and learns he’s in the police academy, via Ouelette’s orders. Shane suspects Cesar, Guillermo, or Emma as Nancy’s shooter, as Silas suspects Heylia or Zoya, asserting how great their mother is at pissing people off. Shortly upon entry, Doug gets kicked out for eating another hospital guest’s snacks, not before feeling Nancy’s breasts while looking for a lost rice cake (#priceless).

In true semi-couple fashion, Jill and Andy argue about packing for Nancy, with Andy leaving with a handful of Nancy’s favorite dresses and Jill snatching a picture of her husband. The rest of the family arrives at the Good Sandwich Hospital and Silas, Jill, Doug, and Andy debate who shot Nancy. The doctors find out she’s in a coma and has been severely brain damaged. After receiving this news, the hospital administration staff bombards the  family demanding payment. Andy requests that Nancy is placed under security and after the Greenwich officer refuses, Jill’s daughter is taken outside for posting a picture of bloody Nancy on Twitter. When Jill returns, she has (post-vaginal weight exercise) sex with Andy and he’s blown away with her newfound tricks. Andy meets the hospital chaplain and after discovering he’s not gay, he tells him about his mind-blowing sex with Jill and admits his true feelings for Nancy. The rabbi preaches to him about life changes and how he can maximize his own potential through spirit. At the episode’s conclusion, the shooter is revealed to be Tim Scottson, father of Peter Scottson, Nancy’s now deceased second ex-husband.

I’m happy that Showtime’s ‘Weeds’ ratings are up this year, mainly due to its 10PM broadcast right after HBO’s ‘True Blood’. The ratings this season went up about 20% from last season primarily because of the shooter cliffhanger, and I’m hoping its final season will go out with a bang. Out of all the characters the writers could’ve chosen as Nancy’s shooter, I honestly think choosing Tim Scottson was a brilliant idea for two reasons: 1) it’s not tied to the strange, three season long Mexican gangster plot, and 2) the signs were highly prevalent in previous seasons (aggression towards everyone and his actions at his father’s funeral especially). Whether the family discovers Tim’s identity remains to be seen, I’m not sure if Shane could be the culprit this time. Andy and Doug’s actions on the season eight premiere show they have enough love for Nancy to seek revenge on Shane and the family’s behalf. Her sister Jill, on the other hand, feels no remorse and is more concerned with stealing Nancy’s jewelry. Add in Silas’s ex Emma (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) mad for her Pouncy House bust, which eventually forced Shane into the NYPD and the motives and repercussions are endless. The move to bring back Jenji Kohan as a writer full time for the final season should be promising as Nancy’s last stroll through America plays out. Episode two, entitled “A Beam of Sunshine” premieres July 8 at 10PM.

“Did something happen to me? Why did you push me on the ground Andy? Is it because of my disdain for the glass selection?” (Nancy)

“Messy! Messy. Messy types for sure.” (Phyllis Ardmore)

“Andy, she doesn’t need a silk camisol and a thong.” (Jill)

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