[SONG] Azealia Banks x Styles P x Nathan

When reports of Azealia Banks saying “Nathan” was her hardest, most core hip hop song to date, I honestly didn’t believe her. The “212” and “Liquorice” singer has proven to excel at house rap tracks filled with lyrics from a gay man’s dream, so steering in the pure hip hop realm was a risk she was more than willing to take. The result is “Nathan”, a gritty, hard-hitting beat by Drums of Death and featuring the LOX’s Styles P. Azealia opens with one of her best (and probably fastest) verses to date, going straight into its catchy “yall niggas aint gettin nathan” refrain within the song’s first 30 seconds. Extreme lyrical talent and speedster rap skills aside, Azealia holds her own with the Ruff Ryders alum, bringing hopes of more rap collabs in the near future. As the third release from her upcoming ‘Fantasea’ mixtape, Azealia’s rank is 3/3, as “Jumanji”“Aquababe”, and now “Nathan” could make her free mixtape one of the best upcoming releases of 2012. Listen and download “Nathan” below.

Download HERE.

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