[SONG + VIDEO] #BBCLive Ellie Goulding x Only Girl (In The World) (Rihanna Cover) x Your Song (Elton John Cover)

“Only Girl (In The World)”

Standing as one of my favorite #newera British singers, Ellie Goulding delivers soft, dreamy interpretations to some of the best songs ever written. Taking Riri’s “Only Girl (In The World)” as her inspiration, Ellie delivers a soulful, orchestra interpretation and one helluva moving performance. Ellie’s British accent soars through her vocals, as if she’s gliding with Riri herself (only with much better vocals). The orchestra arrangement adds to Ellie’s performance and makes the studio version pale in comparison. Watch and download Ellie’s redux of “Only Girl (In The World)” below.

Download HERE.

“Your Song”

On “Your Song”, Ellie steps into forbidden territory, taking on a classic from Elton John’s classic self-titled second album. Her vocals turn Elton’s slow burning ballad into a mellow, pop vibe. One of my favorite things about her is her accent, which playfully comes out during her vocal’s higher points. With Ellie beginning to break ground in the US, covers like “Your Song” are sure to solidify her as a rising singer-songwriter and competition to the likes of Taylor Swift and Norah Jones. Watch and download Ellie’s redux below.

Download HERE.

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