[REVIEW] Weeds 8.2 x A Beam Of Sunshine

The bad news – Nancy’s hospital bill peaks at a whopping $420,770.11 over 77 days. The good news – she’s become a martyr-like figure at the Good Sandwich Hospital, helping and any everyone in sight. She gets along with her hospital roommates for a brief time, but a false Russian rumor involving the Mafia Silver Rorch family has patients scared. Her doctor has challenged her to a simple stair test – when she can climb to the top of the stairs, she can return home. Shane visits and notices a #different Nancy – overly giving, extremely kind, and somewhat glowing. He shows her a diagram of potential shooters, and she immediately tells him to burn it, not caring about the consequences. He also smuggles pistachios and peach schnapps to another patient in serious pain who also asks them to purchase #special lollipops from a drug-selling clown. Shane realizes Butters the clown is seriously overcharging the patients and makes Nancy feel shamed that anyone would charge for pain. She distinguishes to Shane that there are two types of Botwins – new and old – and that Shane (and the clown’s) line of thinking is reminiscent of #oldbotwins. Nancy forces Shane to smile oddly before completing the patient’s transaction request. Later that afternoon at police camp, Shane meets another cadet who has also lost her father, and falls in love with her dry humor and cynical ways.

The twins interrupt Jill and Andy’s sex in the attic when her current husband Scott arrives. The kids and Stevie cling to him instantly, as he just returned from a spirit walk in India. He gives them all a box of cookie dough flavored Luna energy bars and abruptly asks Jill out to dinner. Jill thinks Scott either wants her back or wants something else (money, kids, or house particularly). Andy is reluctant, but still advises Jill to hear him out. At home, Andy finds out from the twins that Jill’s on-and-off cycle with her husband Scott has happened several times (most notably Rick with the expensive houseboat) over the last few years. After discovering her phone has been powered off, he heads for the restaurant. At dinner, Jill drinks heavily while Scott is reading his comeback letter. Andy is a few tables behind her simulating a carrot having sex with a turkey as a means to turn her on, which subsequently leads to them in the bathroom sexing loudly. Scott catches them, tears up his comeback letter, and leaves angrily.

Doug’s working girls want a company card for errands. They propose that he buy a multi-purpose scarf (sarong, sash, headband, curtiff, capelet). Silas treats Emma (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) to an S&M session while begging to get her hands on more of Nancy’s product. He arrives bringing #special cookies, but despite Silas’s recent price restructuring, Nancy remains firm in her beliefs to not charge patients for pain. She also makes him smile weirdly, and leaves to give every patient on her floor a cookie. The patients are higher than gas prices mainly due to Silas’s new strain, but still Nancy isn’t completely satisfied. During her afternoon nap, Butters threatens Nancy for sabotaging his business, and farts while leaving. She wakes up and catches Butters fucking a nurse in the employee break room. Nancy interrupts hem, and uses her rumored mafia heritage to threaten them both, and wins back her temporary business. At the episode’s conclusion, Shane stumbles across Tim Scottson’s Facebook page, determining him as the killer.

For me, the final season of ‘Weeds’ is about transition – how to deal with it, and what to expect. Nancy laid out to her two sons that things have to change immediately in order for bad things to stop happening to her. Despite both of their efforts to bring her back to #oldnancy, either the bullet or her own senses are leading her into the right direction. I don’t think anyone thought of Tim as Nancy’s shooter, but I’m glad he’ll be feeling Shane’s wrath. Having the writers add more of Jill Price-Grey is a good move also, simply because her everyday actions show just how dysfunctional all the original Botwins are in their own unique way. But her underlying hatred towards her sister over the last two seasons which I don’t quite understand plus their battle for Stevie should set up an interesting dynamic by the series end.

“We’re like those people on the weight loss ads. Before – unhappy, now – lovely, better dressed, with our hair done, because we’re feeling good about ourselves.” (Nancy)

“Remember, think of the kids and cross your legs a lot.” (Andy)

“That was the past, now this is the prologue. Smile.” (Nancy)

“Why did you come here? You know, like why did you cum. This isn’t just fucking?” (Jill)

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