[VIDEO] Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas x Iggy Azalea x Beat Down

On their debut UK collaborative DJ project, Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas enlisted the services of Hustle Gang’s Igy Azalea for their debut video “Beat Down”. As previously stated, Azalea’s underwhelming verses are somehow outshone by her overwhelming beauty, which is probably the slant Aoki and Dimas were leaning towards when producing the hip-hop number. Azalea’s contribution features exclusive Louboutins  (0:21), Beyonce’ hair swinging (1:31), and several high fashion poses (3:05), but somehow her lyrical skills are still overlooked. This video’s purpose is to sell Iggy Azalea as a great looking model-turned-rapper – a problem since many other female lyricists seek to sell their own lyrics instead of themselves. I could’ve did without the several close-ups of her #cakes (2:17) as well as the apparently budget necessary (but still shameless) Loubotin shoe plug (1:08). Either way, I’m hoping she comes harder (lyrically and performance wise) or she won’t make it past the “TI’s female artist” label. Watch and download (from previous post) below.

Download from previous post HERE.

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