[REVIEW] True Blood Comic-Con Trailer (Episodes 7-12) + Five Big Things To Come

The yearly beloved Comic-Con Festival is always filled with surprises, but this year’s trailer of True Blood’s second half of its fifth season is beyond jam packed. With Alan Ball retiring as showrunner after this season, a special clip for diehard fans was definitely a #returnthefavor moment. Among many new storylines introduced in the under two minute clip, here’s ten bullets learned from the exclusive trailer (posted below):

1. Sookie gets more faerie powers
2. Tara strips at Merlotte’s
3. The ifrit visits Merlotte’s
4. Luna fights back.
5. Rosalyn gets blood on her hands.
6. Lafayette gets possessed (again).
7. Godric returns!
8. Pam comes across an old enemy of Eric’s.
9. Claudine protects Sookie’s parents.
10. Eric fights (and possibly kills) Kibwe.

As an added bonus, even more information has been released about the second half of season five since its 2012 Comic-Con festival. Here’s my top five most newsworthy events to come:

5. Flashbacks to young Alcide and Debbie (STORY): I’m hoping that how Alcide and Debbie met will play some kind of role into Alcide’s packmaster status. As in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, they were deeply in love until vampire blood separated them, but looking into how they met may show viewers just how Debbie became so insane.

4. A new breed of vampires (STORY): Just having regular vampires that drink human blood would be too easy. There has to be some type of advanced vamp that is more powerful that Bill, Eric, and possibly Russell and Salome also right? If the new breed discovers #fairyland though, they’ll be around for many more seasons (and daylight) to come.

3. Jason’s supernatural status (STORY): What will become of Jason’s panther/faerie blood now that he knows about his parents? More than likely he will either inherit powers from Claude, or another sexy faerie would be willing enough to share. Or maybe Maurella is out to breed with humans, and could find Jason knocking at her door before Andy.

2. Elder Faerie helps Sookie (STORY):  The season four premiere featured Queen Mab, the ruler of the true, original #faerieland. The faerie nightclub featuring a portal in a field just outside of Bon Temps features refugees from Mab’s #harvestinghumans belief, so it’s not clear if the Elder Faerie is good or bad just yet. But with the casting call requesting “star names only”, the Elder Faerie should be a great conclusion to season five.

1. Lilith is coming (STORY): We all knew this day would come, but who is she? What will she look like? Will she be friendly or evil? It seems like True Blood producers may have slipped this one by most fans, as Lilith (referred to in casting calls as Lil) was cast for a recurring role beginning with 5.04. A short clip of Lilith can be seen below (skip to the 1:00 mark)

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