[REVIEW] Weeds 8.4 x Only Judy Can Judge

Nancy swims naked in the neighbors pool as a sigh of relief at 4AM. She sneaks upstairs after her swim only to catch Stevie cuddling in the bed with Jill and Andy. The next morning, Nancy discovers Stevie’s many other talents (drawing, breakfast tacos, and animals) as Jill expresses concern for Nancy unable to handle him alone. Nancy wants to take Stevie out to the zoo and assigned Andy to prepare a family dinner for that evening. Kiku (her covert escort service owner) calls for Nancy during breakfast, stuck in a serious bind in a sketchy part of Staten Island. When Nancy mentions the Staten Island detour, Jill, also upset about Andy cooking Nancy’s dinner, becomes even more nervous and takes Stevie out for the day instead. Nancy meets up with Kiku and makes her refuse to buy the dealer’s #cheaphash and suggests she contact Dimitri. After boasting his Judge Judy “Only Judy Can Judge” tattoo, Nancy trades her decked out cane with his cheap, homemade one in order for Kiku to leave. At laser tag with Dimitri and his three goons, Kiku reveals that her and Silas had sex. After showing Dimitri her injury, he agrees to sell to Kiku as Nancy collapses briefly due to the flashing lights and gun sound simulations.

Shane practices his police academy training seductively in the mirror, while asserting Silas that he would never bust him. Nancy questions Shane’s police academy intentions and wants to talk more about it at a later time. Back at the academy, Shane makes out with Angela who is overly concerned about the appearance of her sports bra. He asks her to dinner with his mom while his hand slides past her sports bra and to her breast. Silas goes to a hydroponics store in New Jersey, bluntly asking for growing supplies. He meets RJ who helps him with product selections. RJ inspects Silas’s crops and meets Shane. RJ is scared to discover what Shane does, and believes that power will be the factor that would turn him against his family.

Doug finds feces on his paper and suspects the neighbors Phyllis and Whimsey’s dog. Upon confronting their son, Doug steps in it and paints “shitter” in pink spraypaint on the dog. A loophole in the Old Sandwich police ordinance keeps Doug #chargeless, leading him to enlist Shane’s surveillance skills to catch the dog in action. The surveillance reveals Doug is the person who has been putting feces on the paper at night while sleepwalking.

Nancy returns home from her Staten Island trip and immediately looks for Stevie. She discovers Jill laying with a knocked out Stevie on the couch, using the excuse that Stevie’s allergic reaction to the lions caused her to Dimetapp him to sleep. At dinner, RJ begins questioning Shane about being a cop. Nancy toasts and looks forward to the #newbotwins, but mistakenly calls Stevie “Judah” mid-speech. She passes out (again) in the salad, triggering Jill and Andy to argue followed by the neighbors dropping a large bag of feces on the middle of the dinner table and Silas arguing with Shane about being a narc. The dinner is ruined, and Nancy is somewhat delusional as she talks with Andy about her brain damage. After Andy leaves, Nancy cries to herself as Stevie walks in saying he can’t sleep. They go for a late night swim together later that evening.

The evolution of Nancy Botwin is finally coming full force, as she’s discovering she can’t balance her #oldbotwin lifestyle while raising a child. It’s hard enough because of her reputation, but when will the drug business give Nancy a break?

“Personally, I thought puppeteer was a good fit for you, but I guess that’s only if you’re gay in Europe.” (Nancy)

“You only call when you need something and send your high heeled tottering underlings?” (Dimitri)

“I actually like you Andy, like grown-up like you, not to mention I’m co-parenting with you. Not to mention your cock does amazing things.” (Jill)

“Are you having a play date, Silas?” (Shane)

“It’s called Dimetapp. It’s called drugging that child to mask your own insecurities.” (Andy)

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