[REVIEW] True Blood 5.8 x Somebody That I Used To Know

Sookie’s fairy journey: Sookie continues using all her fairy light and accidentally zaps Jason. He assures her that she’s not a freak and asks her to use her powers to find their parents’ killer instead. Sookie and Jason go to #fairyland to see if there’s anyway they can learn about their parents’ death. When Sookie screams “vampire” in the bar, Claude nervously agrees to help. Claude reveals that Albert Einstein was a half-ling (parts fae and human). He also reveals that fairies, when in large numbers, can use one of their own to inhabit memories of the past by becoming them. Sookie becomes her mother and witnesses both of their deaths, but also becomes the vampire’s memories after her mother is murdered. Claudine arrives and attacks the vampire, bringing her out of the illusion. When Sookie tells Claude about psychically connecting with a vampire, he freaks out and is scared to tell the fairy elders. Sookie remembers Claudine and discovers the vampire’s name – Warlow. That night, Sookie connects to Warlow, who reveals he is coming for Sookie.

Shifters vs. Anti-Vampires: Andy captures Joe Bon and Sam tries to console Luna. When Sam leaves, Luna angrily skinwalks into Sam. #LAS (Luna as Sam) steals some clothes from a patient and escapes into the hospital. Jessica meets an appeared fangbanger who easily seduces Jessica into anti-vampire captivity. The anti-vampire group reveals Jessica’s capture to Hoyt, who goes along with it initially. Andy interrogates Joe Bob to no avail, until he lets Sam (as a snake) attempt. #LAS arrives at the station, further confusing Andy. Sam is able to obtain Jessica’s location as well as the location of the anti-vampire group. Hoyt is still mad that Jessica slept with Jason, and doesn’t want to let her out. Jessica admits she prayed for her love for Hoyt to come back, but it didn’t. Hoyt frees her and she kills Reggie while waiting for him to return with help. Sam, Andy, and #LAS arrive, and the two shifters sniff out an older female, anti-vampire ringleader. After saving Jessica, Sam and #LAS bond and #LAS shifts back to Luna when Sam kisses her. Luna throws up his body weight (similar to his brother Tommy in season 4) immediately afterwards. Hoyt is captured by an unknown assailant, presumably for letting Jessica out.

The AVL Post-Lilith: The AVL return and are still high, all except for Eric, who is plagued from his image of Godric. Bill believes he saw god, but Eric insists to him they were truly just very high. Upon sobering up, the chancellors are in awe that they saw Lilith. Salome says that Roman’s death is sanctioned by Lilith. Eric is ready to leave the Authority and leaves Bill behind. Salome entices Bill to eat a human, while a flashback to Baton Rouge 1910 reveals Bill’s dying daughter Sarah begging to be turned. Eric finds Nora praying over Lilith’s blood and tells her the whole religious slant is insane, and asserts Salome chose this path for his sister. Eric reveals his Godric visions and how watching Nora sickened him, but Nora says Godric was weak and disillusioned upon his last days (“Fuck Godric!”). The group meet later that night, headed by Salome, with the intentions of crushing the mainstreamers. Bill suggests attacking TruBlood factories to force mainstreamers to feed on humans, and asserts to Eric that he is “evolving”.

Lafayette and Terry’s spirit walks: While driving from Mexico, Lafayette finds Jesus’s old first aid kit and uses V to heal himself. He sees Jesus and thanks him as they drive home together holding hands. Lafayette returns home and is asked by Holly and Arlene for help. Holly wants to use Lafayette’s medium power to call the ifrit off. Lafayette questions why he hasn’t been charging for his services, only agreeing to help Arlene for $300. Arlene uses a false fire alarm to bait Terry and Patrick to their house, while Lafayette playfully begins preaching to the spirit to contact the ifrit. When the spirit (named Zaafira) arrives, Lafayette is very scared to know that it’s indeed real. She temporarily possesses Lafayette to reveal she’ll lift the curse when Terry kills Patrick.

The Werewolves’ New Packmaster: Alcide and Rikki make passionate love in every which way possible, with him also asking to go steady mid-stroke. JD and Alcide compete in the packmaster battle, but Alcide is disgusted to see they are hunting a college track star. JD handles Alcide with ease as they begin to fight. JD captures the track star, but Alcide narrowly saves him and severely beaten by JD. Martha and Nikki beg JD to spare Alcide’s life, just before he permanently abolishes JD from the pack.

Life with Tara and Pam: Tara serves Tracy (of Tracy’s Togs), who dishes a load of insults at Tara about being black. Pam interrupts them and scolds Tara for being an #uppity towards her. Later, Pam gives Tracy to Tara as a gift, glamouring her into believing Tara is the queen of her world forever.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” marks the directorial debut of Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), which received great critical acclaim. Everything about episode eight led me to believe Moyer has other directing under his belt, and I’d definitely be glad to see more episodes from him to come. The emotional tone of the episode was highly prevalent, most notably during Bill’s scene with his dying daughter Sarah. Moyer’s interpretation of Russell and Steve Newlin’s budding romance also made for a lighter moment in the episode. Overall, episode 8 has prepared viewers for the fourth quarter of season five, which is usually filled with the most dramatic scenes.

“First may I say, God has the most beautiful tits. I have never been called a devout, but watching Lilith shoot out of a blood pool while I sucked down a bride to the docet strings of ‘You Light Up My Life’, well praise Lilith! Praise Jesus! Praise Moses’s cock, I am born again!” (Russell)

“Who are you to refute after God’s plan. Feed on this human as Lilith has commanded it.” (Salome)

“Hookah, I ain’t in the helping business no more. I’m in the fuck off while I smoke a blunt business, and business ’bout to pick way the fuck up.” (Lafayette)

“Listen, you white trash fuck twat. We’re not in high school anymore. So, if you let anymore of that racist bullshit fly out of your mouth, I’m gonna rip out your heart and fry it up with some grits and collard greens.” (Tara)

“You will consider it a privilege to let your racist pecker blood shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth.” (Pam)

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