[SONG + VIDEO] Kreayshawn x Go Hard (La La La)

Kreayshawn’s latest attempt for sales (aka #releases) just might work in her favor. While her second official single off her upcoming debut album “Go Hard (La La La)” is a more mainstream effort for album sales, it’s one of her best lyrical presentations to date. It’s also fun, danceable, and strangely radio friendly, a territory formerly unknown for the Bay Area prodigy. Kreay playfully raps  “do you really, really, really wanna go hard / go in the crib, steal your stepfather’s credit card / and take the car, do circles in the parking lot” on the song’s chorus, as the DJ Two Stacks electro-dance beat. The “Go Hard” clip itself, while not as mainstream, creatively features a colorful mix of anime, comic strip, and rave as Kreay parties with her White Girl Mob (WGM) crew. Her first official single “Breakfast” may not have broken records like her buzz singles “Gucci Gucci” and “Rich Whores” did, but it shows promise that a full length #kreayrelease might actually be a winner. ‘Something Bout Kreay’ hits stores on September 18, 2012 – watch and download below.

Download HERE.

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