[FASHION] Yvonne Strahovski (Dexter’s Hannah McKay) x Complex (December 2012/January 2013) Photo Shoot


Former ‘Chuck’ star Yvonne Strahovski, now of the Hollywood acclaimed Showtime series ‘Dexter’, is working it out in Complex Magazine’s latest issue. Yvonne is beauty personified with an old school swag and spicy wardrobe in this dazzling spread. The team fave is the two fantastic poses in the polished white tub where Ms. Yvonne lays #perched, dressed in fabulous threads.


The top is to just too cutesy by Jeremy Scott with a darling high waist cigarette pant – the tub is to die for and so is the belle. The little ducklings really play up the Complex “gal” which gives a mix of sultry femininity with sweet innocence. The simple beauty of these sets leaves us breathless. And we must say from the pink kiss to the nude pumps – we love ittttt girl!!! This is trashy classy and we all want to be her. The styling is amazing simple but sassy in the same breath.



I live for the cropped top from one of our faves Topshop, or for you #nycgirls Topman. The tailored shorts are by the fabulouso Miu Miu and are to die for.


Look at this wonderful top by Keepsake the Label – it’s everything the girls love right now from the crop details to the cutouts. These fashionistas out here are going in for the cuts outs, and I must say your girl secretly lives too.


Through the array of delightful fashions for our viewing pleasure, I also secretly admit that I am enjoying this two piece Desigual number. It’s very reminiscent of the early 90’s ‘Saved By The Bell’ star Kelly Kapowski look that all girls (real and fake) tried to emulate at one point in their lives. This look could be seen with a mean pump such as we see in the shot, or a nasty killer wedge, sneaker wedges, or a cute Ked for the preppy crowds.


But let’s give the last a moment as we are enthralled in the class with which Yvonne pulls off the sexy shoulder peek, the lollipop, and #smizing seductive eyes. ‘Dexter’s love-interest/gardener Hannah McKay gives classy, sassy, and flirty – a true three in one.


I love the background in this shot, which sets the scene for the hotpants by Asos and the flawless bodysuit by Keepsake the Label. All in all, Yvonne you’ve won TUA’s vote and these girls around here are critical so that is certainly saying a lot. Be sure to catch Hannah’s (possibly final) acting on ‘Dexter’ during this Sunday’s explosive season 7 finale.


Photos courtesy of Complex Magazine.

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