[SONG + VIDEO] Dani Deahl (feat. Oh Snap!) x Diplo Hates You

It’s no secret that Chicago DJ Dani Deahl lives for house music. Born in the home of the very genre, Deahl has been producing and writing house hits since she came onto the scene in 2003. Deahl is also widely known for her trademark pink and black bob and for assisting Solange’ with her DJ side hustle. “Diplo Hates You” featuring Canadian DJ/rapper Oh Snap! has become a hit on the Billboard Dance Charts with its simple call-and-response chant. With lyrics like “Diplo hates your shoes – you know he got Kanye West making his shoes, custom”, you can’t help but laugh, dance, and get your (#oldschool) vogue on. The video features Diplo himself in sexy office attire, watching the entire building’s chaos ensue as the beat takes over. Diplo later segues into a beastly gorilla and joins the mayhem, further adding fun to an already wild video shoot. This is the type of beat they should play to start off any night in the club, and with Diplo’s official co-sign, it won’t be long before DJs take my advice. Watch and download “Diplo Hates You” below.

Download HERE.

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