[NEWS] Nicki Minaj’s Hairdresser Parts Ways Due To “Creative Differences”


One of the reasons why I’ve hated Nicki Minaj over the years has been due to her ridiculous, unrealistic hairstyles. With hair as bad and unrealistic as hers, her music (which should be the premise of my opinion of her) was  off-putting. Since her rise onto the femcee scene in late 2009, Minaj’s career has been plagued with years of #horsetorture. Nicki’s overdone “Barbie” image was exaggerated to the 25th power, filled with more bad hair colors and styles than any Ringling Brothers show could ever produce. Her former stylist, Terrence Davidson, cited “creative differences” for his recent split with the Queen of Young Money, but we all know that really means they weren’t getting along. Davidson was also partly responsible for her fashion styling, which included an overkill of leopard, extra-small onesies (she’s clearly a medium), and poorly matching neons. Some styles, such as her 2010 VH1 Divas #colorfro and her “Hello, Good Morning” #aquamane were beyond unforgivable. Change isn’t always good for an artist’s image, especially if they already have a devout fanbase, but sometimes it’s necessary to take things to the next level. Maybe it’s her stint on American Idol, maybe she’s finally maturing, or maybe Davidson had enough of Minaj’s disastrous hair requests, but it’s a good look either way for her future in the industry.

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