[SONG + VIDEO] Nicky Da B x Hot Potato Style


“Welcome to the end of your career, and the beginning of mine – bitch!”

It’s very rare that a 100% underground artist such as #bounce rapper Nicky Da B could produce such an unheralded (but groundbreaking) phenomenom. The genre’s magic, originated deep within the roots of New Orleans hip-hop, is an energetic style of music that’s strictly meant for twerking. “Hot Potato Style”, the first single from his self-released debut album ‘Please Don’t Forget The B’ has recently ignited a media frenzy many months after his feature on Diplo’s smash “Express Yourself”. The song incorporates elements of ballroom chanting and a #dirtysouth flow alongside some of the funniest wordplay I’ve ever been exposed to. Nicky also adds Jamaican dancehall and reggae riddims to all of his songs, mixing them with some of music’s biggest urban hits. “Hot Potato Style” brilliantly samples Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Hello, Good Morning” and Sade’s “Couldn’t Love You More” as he raps “I need to see if you can drop it hot potato style” over the infectious, fast-paced beat. The “Hot Potato Style” video pays homage to many old pop culture stars such as Peggy Bundy (‘Married With Children’), the film Full Metal Jacket, the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage (during his prime) all while featuring Nicky’s Photoshopped lips singing along to his lyrics.  After the song’s final breakdown, “Hot Potato Style” ends with Nicky’s assertion – “you and your producer, y’all can kiss my ass” – with confidence that he’ll never lessen his music style for anything or anyone. Thank the recent wave of gay and transgendered artists for bringing #bounce to the mainstream, but also be very thankful for Nicky doing it hotter than anyone else ever could. Watch and download “Hot Potato Style” below.

Download HERE.

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