[VIDEO] Boy George x ‘Video Games’ (Lana Del Rey Cover)


Here’s a great (but very random) cover of Lana Del Rey’s single “Video Games” by British singer Boy George. As unexpected as George’s cover may come, so does its greatness. Covering Lana Del Rey is a risky move in itself, as her voice is very unique to the soul music realm. George’s version gives new shelf-life to the song (made famous via Twitter) as he adds a country-esque style to Lana’s arrangement. George also took the time to create a self-directed video for his redux, beautifully shot in the heart of Ireland. While the video plays a further role in interpreting Lana’s songwriting, I gotta be honest though – the actors look like #gothbrit versions of Adam Levine and Adele. Still, George’s version comes off as a respectable vocal remake of Lana’s soon-to-be classic single. Watch Boy George’s “Video Games” cover below.

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