[NEWS] Nigel Barker Says “Vogue Won’t Touch Him” After America’s Next Top Model Stint


The news of Nigel Barker (along with Jay Manuel and J. Alexander) being fired from Tyra Banks’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ shocked the television world in mid-2012, and it seems the show will never recover. As a result, Barker has gone publicly to assert that premier high fashion magazine Vogue will not work with him due to his exposure on the show. Citing a “downward spiral” to his photography career when joining the show, Nigel no longer receives the elusive Dior or Chanel photo shoot opportunities, but instead focuses on creating his own niche. Either way, the lack of support from the high fashion world is sure to take a tole on his own career’s future. Making it in the big fashion houses is integral to making a name in the fashion industry, and Barker won’t be receiving that opportunity anytime soon due to his #model101 ANTM shoots. Barker is currently gearing up to debut his new show ‘The Face’, strangely co-starring #tyranemesis Naomi Campbell, with the winner receiving an exclusive Patrick Demarchelier shoot for W Magazine. Read the full story on Nigel’s somewhat outcasting from the fashion industry here. The link below, while not all-inclusive, features a fan-inspired collection of Barker’s top 55 photos during his time on ANTM.

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