[FASHION] Vibe Vixen x Teyana Taylor


The on-again (well-known), off-again (unknown) G.O.O.D. Music songstress was featured in Vibe Vixen’s recent fashion spread. We all may have heard rumors about her rising celebrity status since her famed appearance on MTV’s Super Sweet 16, but now she’s in a different element. At that time, it was rumored that she was signed to Pharrell’s Star Trek Records but I’m so glad she has Kanye West behind her movement. Most recently she has been called a socialite – based on what I have no idea. As the only female signed to Kanye’s label at the moment, she’s truthfully a drop dead gorgeous bombshell. Though we may not be sure why she’s “famous”, we are certain that with #body and #face like hers, she is every designer’s dream and every fashionista’s envy.


Teyana rocked out in this purple and gold Paris Dakar jumpsuit. The outfit was very #queenofthejunglelioness with royal coloring and wildly teased curls. This form-fitting piece is beautifully finished and the drainpipe pants leg compliments the totality of the ensemble. The piece de resistance – the neckpiece – is a breathtaking eye catcher and brings the surprising ‘haute couture’ quality to a Vibe spread. Really, there’s no need to discuss anything else, as the look overall is poppin’, and the peek-a-boo braid in the mane is gorgeous. #thatsall


The fashion divas at TUA love a tribal print, and I must say they #did this. I am in love with this get up. To create this inspirational piece, the H&M animal print onepiece swimsuit was combined with a L.A.M.B. jacket and the result is #fierce. This look was also combined with Hunan three-hoop earrings and a Masha Vintage Kuchi arm cuff. I adored the way the contemporary Kuchi Bell anklets complimented the Watchout shoe by Steve Madden. Though the accessories finished the look, the ensemble itself is definitely an eyecatcher.


This modern day #gonewiththewind look is dazzling with the cut-out safari frock by Ragdolls. This look is sassy and savvy. You can almost see the enticing body-popping dance this look was apparently inspired by. Again, the monstrous neckpiece immediately draws the eye and in fact resembles one surrounded by bones. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t wear that #cyclops one day (sorry PETA).


This gown is to die for – literally. No…seriously, it’s giving everything. Split from biscuit to breasts, it shows off the beautiful and sultry curves of Miss Taylor. This safari animal print dress by La Vie Boheme makes me want to cuddle up to the nearest lion and rule the savanna with a nasty tribal neckcord. I’d #chachacha in that all day.


If I’m being honest, I would have to admit that I’m not in love with the tiger striped hot pants here. But the truth of the matter is if you got it, flaunt it, and #dolls, she most certainly has it. If we were all a size negative two, I know you’d be up in them bad boys walking the streets. Now the gold here – no pun intended – is the bandoo neck bra lace. There are just so many things right with this top, but a simple pair of black denim cut-offs would have still worked. The gag here is it isn’t even a top but rather a lovely scarf from our basic babe H&M. The scarf is connected to the bolero with the giant stones and this is one #clusterfuck of awesome.


Tunics are typically every girl’s beautiful nightmare. For the average chica, it’s usually less than flattering but easy to dress up or down so they go for it. Unless you have a perfect fashion body, it’s often hard to make this sexy. But Teyana manages to make it both sexy and flattering in all its simplicity. This Guess tunic is gifted. The head piece, summed up in one word, is amazing and definitely adds a warrior #sheman vibe that has my blood boiling in all the right ways. This look is especially fabulous when combined with the armor-like vintage afghan spiked cuff bracelets by Silk Road Tribal.


To sum this shoot up in one word, I would have to say “dope”. It’s everything I could wish and hope for in a spread – sugar and spice and everything nice, yum.

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