[NEWS] Sweet Brown On Fame, New Hosting Gig, and Upcoming Reality Show


Oklahoma City native Sweet Brown made a huge viral name out of herself with her now famous “ain’t nobody got time for that” quote in mid-2012. Six months later, Sweet Brown is continuing to cash out on her newfound fame by garnering nearly every type of deal possible, including books (mid-2013), hosting reality shows (‘Cheaters’), working with will.i.am, a reality show (being pursued by VH1 and MTV), and a website for booking and merchandise. In an interview with Hot 97, Sweet Brown shows that she does “have time” for all things involving money as she’s now a household name. The video features Brown’s famous catchphrase several times as she talks about her latest developments. In what originally was seen as a cry for Brown’s safety has turned around into a million-dollar franchise. Watch Sweet Brown’s Hot 97 interview below.

Also, check out a (hilarious) gospel song dedicated to Sweet Brown by the Williams Brothers below.

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