[SONG + VIDEO] Azealia Banks x ‘Harlem Shake’ (Baauer Cover)


Just when I was upset with Azealia Banks for backing out on another #releasepromise (her debut album’s first single “Yung Rapunxel”), she delivers a surprise cover over Baauer’s viral sensation “Harlem Shake”. Not only does Azealia present an impressive lyrical onslaught, but also a sexiness that fans have only heard through her music before. It’s great that “Harlem Shake” finds Azealia slaying most of the female rap game with her rapid-fire flow, but it’s amazing that Azealia can turn a hard hip-hop instrumental into an ass-shaking anthem that reps Harlem with pride. Unfortunately, all greatness comes at a price as the unauthorized release of the song and video angered both the original producer Baauer and longtime Azealia collaborator Diplo, who both insisted they’d rather have Juicy J (of all people) on the beat. The Rony Alwin-directed video features a near bare-breasted Banks (#bbb), her famed Hello Kitty brush, and signature long weave twerking to the addictive production. I never thought I’d say that I’d enjoy another woman’s cleavage, but Azealia’s body is extremely hard to resist. Pair “those” with a #cutetwerk (1:27) and her piercing beauty (especially at 2:53). The result is an outer-worldly level of creativity that only Banks can deliver. Azealia’s version may have angered a few producers, but at least the final result is worthy of claiming the #femcee rap crown. Watch and download Azealia’s cover of “Harlem Shake” below.


Download HERE.

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