[SONG + VIDEO] Jessie Ware x ‘If You Love Me’ (Brownstone Cover)


My favorite British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware never disappoints me. The US debut of her EP ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’ stormed to the top of the Itunes chart in January 2013, and her latest single of the same name (formerly “110%”) has slowly begun its ascend on the Billboard Hot 100. With all major press outlets eagerly anticipating her next move, a stellar (but random) new development has surfaced in the form of a Brownstone cover. The 1998 Grammy-nominated #1 single is known as a classic within the realm of R&B, so to have a singer such as Ware re-do it presents her with challenging shoes to fill. Ware teams up with Japanese production duo BenZel for the redux, and keeps most of the song arrangement true to the original. While BenZel, who are obsessed with mixing 90’s R&B music with their own J.Dilla influences, are only 15 and 16 years old, their ability to remix a classic song into a contemporary hit for Jessie is extremely commendable. The “If You Love Me” video continues Jessie’s Sade-meets-Adele-meets-SBTRKT persona as she disguises her face with an array of spectrum colors. Ware’s vocal abilties here prove just why she’s evolving into the #nextbigthing when it comes to 2013 music. Watch and download Jessie Ware and Benzel’s “If You Love Me” cover below.

Download HERE.

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