[FASHION] Meet The Models of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 20)


Tyra Banks’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ franchise may have undergone more changes than the Obama administration, but allowing males to enter the upcoming 20th season will become her most profitable move to date. A view of the 20 male and female competitors can be seen below.

The males and females combined make for a good mix of exotic and extraordinary, but it still feels like the #bestofthebest weren’t selected upon first glance. With the guys, Phil, Corey, and Chris S appear as the standouts, while Don and Marvin seem like they were only cast based on their apparent sex appeal. With the girls, however, there’s a good mix of good (Renee, Jiana), bad (Alex, Kanani), and #prettyugly (Nina). I’m hoping the makeovers will give the contestants an extra sense of edginess that will propel them to their own individual #modelstatus, but from first impression it’s not as exciting as anticipated. Fans are able to vote weekly on their favorite photo shoots from the contestants as similar to last cycle, but with one change. Instead of assessing “social media scores” (which I still believe are exaggerated for Tyra’s typical dramatics), a CW-offered system is introduced to count votes. Also different from the last cycle is the length of time fans have to vote on each photoshoot, as the voting website allows only a seven-day timeframe to select favorites instead of an entire summer. As skewed as Tyra’s ranking system may be, I’m sure that the combination of makeovers and Kelly Cuthrone’s reads will bring larger-than-life ratings to Tyra’s first mixed gender season. Vote for your favorite ANTM weekly here.

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