[SONG] Justin Timberlake x ‘Mirrors’


Justin Timberlake’s newest music preceding his ’20/20 Experience’ album has drawn mixed reactions from major music critics – and now there’s another release to add to the uncertainity. “Mirrors” is being offered as an ‘instant gratification download’ for pre-ordering JT’s upcoming disc on Itunes, but for some reason I’m not ‘instantly gratified’. The song primarily sounds like a throwaway from his 2006 ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ project with its beatbox melody and atypical beat switch, both courtesy of longtime collaborator Timbaland. While Timberlake shares his feelings for his lover who has become his other half (#mirror), there’s not much to grasp from the song otherwise. “Mirrors” brings forth very little in terms of innovation and reinventing artistry for both Timberlake and Timbaland, as the song is just too similar to many of Justin’s other hits (“And She Said” and “My Love” especially). I’m trying to be patient with both artists because I’m hoping for them to match the success of their last albums, but “Mirrors” doesn’t make JT’s newest project shine as brightly. Listen and download Justin’s new song “Mirrors” below.

Download HERE.

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