[VIDEO] Ke$ha x ‘C’Mon’


Pop starlet Ke$ha’s sophomore album ‘Warrior’ is filled with superstar anthems from a glam-meets-trailer perspective. It’s Ke$ha’s raunchiness that makes her music so fun and carefree, which is also evident in the clip for her second single “C’Mon”. The singer, who has been much more open with her #greenlifestyle as of late, delivers a trippy visual for an even more eclectic song. “C’Mon” was co-written with Katy Perry’s bestie Bonnie McKee and the call-and-response type chorus echoes sentiments of the #teenagedreamera. It’s accompanying clip features the singer in several high fashion fur outfits while dancing with her favorite furry friends. The theme of destruction and spectrum colors have both been present in almost all of her videos, but thankfully Ke$ha gives her fans a bit more with “C’Mon”. While the animals, rainbows, and chaos are typical for a Ke$ha video, the high fashion is new to her fanbase as she’s usually “dressed down” for most public outings. At 3:06, there’s a brief camera pause to her true beauty, and the short moment proves just how fashionable the sometimes #ratchet singer can be. It also helps that the song is different from her other singles as a slow-burner, meaning it grows on you immensely after a few listens. Ke$ha’s previous singles were all #nobrainerhits – you’re sucked in after the first listen. But pairing a song of more depth with an equally impressive video is a first for Ke$ha, and makes the “C’Mon” single/video commendable and daring.  Watch Ke$ha’s ‘C’Mon’ clip below.

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