[VIDEO] Lana Del Rey x ‘Burning Desire’


It’s clear by now that Lana Del Rey pumps out videos like Forever 21 puts out cheap fashions, but there’s one thing that distinguishes her from the ill-fated (#catalog) brand. While the ready-to-wear line makes so many designs that the quality is beyond questionable, everything that Lana puts out reeks of pure brilliance. Her latest video for “Burning Desire” continues her vintage personality over some of the best arrangements the music industry has ever heard. The song’s accompanying clip finds a noticeably slimmer Lana solo in front of a red curtain with a matching heavy red lip color as she passionately reenacts the song’s stellar songwriting. In the background are vintage #americana clips portraying the two things Lana loves – love and glamour. As a standout from her ‘Born To Die – The Paradise Edition’ re-release, it’s great that Lana satisfied her fans appetites with an equally delightful video clip. Watch Lana’s “Burning Desire” video below.

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