[FASHION] Rare Wendell Lissimore and Sessilee Lopez Shoot x ‘The Contributing Editor’ Magazine


Wendell Lissimore and Sessilee Lopez are a pair to remember, both stunningly beautiful and even androgynous in appearance. Throughout the course of his career, Wendell has walked the runway for the likes of Kris Van Assche, Hermes, and Jean Paul Gaultier among others. The gregarious Sessilee’s career boasts work for top fashion houses such as Vivienne Tam, Shiatzy Chen, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marc Jacobs, among many others as well.


This photo looks like it was captured in a fashion photo booth. Both Wendell and Sessilee have that fresh faced boyfriend/girlfriend look. Sessilee is styled simply in hoop earrings and cuff by Lia Sophia. Sessilee’s gorgeous hair does wonders to show off her amazing bone structure.


The duo look sporty in this #louiseverything shot. The jackets, shorts, shirts, and duffel bags are all from the Louis Vuitton collection. These are spunky and trendy with an air of young love and flirtiness.

wendell3 In usual quirky fashion, the famed house of Dolce and Gabbana screams for the dramatics. The bustier, boy shorts, and T-shirts are all by the fashion powerhouse label, but the highlight in this shot is Sessilee as her stance attractively draws the eye.


In this #vavavoom shoot, Wendell and Sessilee are draped in matching coats by Shipley and Halmos. The color is simply striking and the appearance of nakedness…well, hot. The dazzling shoes are by Alejandro Injelmo and the matching cuff arm pieces are by Lia Sophia.


In this shot, the look is repeated though I see Armani has added sexy cut briefs for Wendell. Both models’ bodies are strikingly sexy and lanky.


This look is super cute and the twosome actually look almost identical. Here the androgyny is highly palpable. The shirt and ties are by Billy Reed, the matching shorts by Timo Weiland, and the amazing funky #allhail America boots are by Florsheim by Buckle.


In this shot, Sessilee’s legs are an ongoing ladder of legs, legs, and more legs. The look is very #tennismatchwear, with the stunning Victor Glemaud sweaters and shorts. The sandals, the best piece in this ensemble besides the #glorylegs, are by Louis Vuitton.


Here we see Sessilee in a Leatherette dress with a tie-dye effect and mini floral cutouts. This dress is a Dolce and Gabbana original. It’s babydoll look is taken to the next level as only a D&G piece would. The tiny skirt is very risqué but definitely represents the staples of this brand.


The uncanny resemblance of this beautiful duo is not lost here. Styled in matching D&G shirts with the striking bone structure of both screams out even from behind the giant fros.


This look, particularly for Wendell, is very masculine and haute couture. The trench romper look is ingeniously General Idea. The jewels by Lia Sophia add a subtle twist. The shoes by Alejandro Ingelmo are hot stuff.


This shot reminds me of the New York #hipstertrend in a discombobulated way. The blazers are certainly eye catching, but the other pieces – shorts, scarves, and shoes – definitely tie this shot together.


Though overall not a favorite, the stylist spared no expense in this shoot with the labels used. I enjoyed the play on the similarities of the duo and it was certainly a cutesy shoot with an air of flirtiness and love in the air.

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