[NEWS] Rihanna’s BFF Pokes Fun At New Ciara Single ‘Body Party’


Instagram, also known as Facebook’s little sister, apparently share the same shady posting tactics. Tragic attempts to reach fame from Ciara are no exception as Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde posted a very questionable caption. The picture was supposedly an underhanded response to the video below, in which Ciara hits the promo trail in a London bathroom for her latest flop single “Body Party”. Taking the #sexsells approach to new heights with her classless new single, Ciara is clearly desperate to sell records. Rihanna, who is probably still rightfully upset from Ciara’s jabs at the Grammy-winning singer on ‘Fashion Police’, took the chance to #returntheshade. Melissa’s tag reads “#BodyParty (bathroom a capella version) #London”, and was posted hours after Ciara’s #impromptuloo performance. With Ciara doing everything in her power to match the success of her debut single “Goodies”, the “sex sells” mantra just doesn’t seem to be a winning formula for her. Watch Ciara’s London bathroom performance of her new single “Body Party” below.

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