[NEWS] ‘American Idol’ Contestant Curtis Finch, Jr. Arrested For Stealing Laptop…From Church


‘American Idol’ contestants are no stranger to criminal records, and the diversity to the show’s 12th season has been no exception. Oversinger (aka Jacob Lusk 2.0) Curtis Finch, Jr. is the first contestant this season to have a record, as he was arrested in 2010 for stealing laptops from his church. The event is not surprising for his #type, but to steal from a church (let alone your own) takes great courage. Finch eventually pleaded guilty, dropping the felony charges down to a misdemeanor. The thought of a contestant so riddled in his faith stealing from his own home church is just disheartening – but I’m not judging anyone. Several of the “churchy” contestants on previous ‘Idol’ seasons have been sent packing for worse crimes, including sexual assault, battery, and writing bad checks. Luckily for Finch, he was sent home on this week’s show, rightfully receiving the lowest number of votes by the American public. Read the full story regarding Finch’s arrest and view the official court documents below.



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