[SONG + VIDEO] Sharaya J x ‘Banji’


Note to self – any song that starts off with the lyric “man, I’m so banji” should be taken with a grain of caution. As Missy Elliott’s newest “artist”, Sharaya J made a small buzz on Twitter over the last two years over her collaborations with the Grammy-winning artist. With “Banji” being the first official single from the performer, even I have to admit that her artistry is more difficult to interpret than post-college calculus. The song “Banji”, which means Be Authentic Never Jeopardize Individuality to Sharaya J, is a whirlwind of confusion in terms of musical direction, genre, sexual preference, and production, but it has the smallest margin of #acceptance that this blog will ever acknowledge. With several teaser videos on Youtube, I was extremely confused with the type of music that she would bring simply because everything from seductive R&B to (#youguessedit) banji rap was featured in the clips. Her first single is a hip-hop tune that boasts rhymes like “I run the world and yes I run this town, I ride in style while she rides a Greyhound” while utilizing nearly every #homophrase in the Black gay culture. The pre-chorus features a Baltimore-club instrumental sample, which allows the impressive dancing in the video clip to make much more sense. Her video ends with a harder rap song that unfortunately does nothing in the war of #femcees, as her rhymes here are quite laughable. As a whole, Sharaya J is a hard pill to swallow – from every factor including songwriting to presentation, but any artist with a song called “Banji” would be anything less. Watch and download Sharaya J’s “Banji” below.

Download HERE.

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