[SONG + VIDEO] Rita Ora x ‘Swim Good’ (Frank Ocean Cover)


When Azealia Banks recently referred to British pop/soul singer Rita Ora as “Rihanna’s understudy”, I took great offense to the jab because of its great inaccuracies. Rita may appear to be gunning for Riri’s #princessoftheroc title over at Roc Nation, but the two can never be compared. Riri hires others to write her songs and gives somewhat mediocre live performances, while Rita’s artistry pours through her vocal talents and her own songwriting. The British starlet hasn’t exactly begun to make waves stateside, but her international fanbase has grown massively upon the release of her debut album ‘Ora’. Artists who find themselves in the gray area between viral and mainstream success usually take their talents to various UK showcases as somewhat of a trial run. On her first appearance (see the second here) on the BBC Live Lounge cover series, Ora takes the classic Frank Ocean classic “Swim Good” and gives it a female spin. Not to continue comparisons but if you ever have any question about the better vocalist between Rita and Riri, this clip says it all. Watch and download Rita Ora’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” below.

Download HERE.

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