[VIDEO] Introducing Twerker Caramel Kitten


The urban dance phenomenon known as “twerking” has officially gone mainstream, thanks to a Youtube starlet nicknamed Caramel Kitten. Defined by Wikipedia as a “dance move involving a person shaking their hips and bottom in a bouncy up and down motion”, the dance has been a part of Black culture for over ten years. With having a big butt becoming more of a requirement for women, those who have it are choosing to flaunt it every which way possible. Caramel Kitten took this notion and ran with it, taking her #twerkersgonewild one-woman chronicles all around her hometown.

For Caramel Kitten and most young adults, twerking is meant to be a fun activity. So for her to twerk throughout her favorite Wal-Mart displays is just her way of being comical. In her case, such twerking includes an ass that’s so big that it claps on command. Granted, some of the videos have questionable advertising for her “$kype” shows (dollar signs intended), but there’s a way for anyone to make money in this world. Since her original video has gone viral, there have been several additional #twerkersgonewild chronicles including TUA’s favorite – #twerkinatthelibrary.

What’s really funny about these videos are the faces that Caramel makes as she’s twerking. With her tongue out and distorted jargon (“who wants to play video gamesssssss?”), there’s definitely lots of concentration placed in her favorite leisure activity, which makes the clips even better. For those that may feel the videos are demoralizing, each is given an oddly written disclaimer (“it’s funny, you humorless peons”) and requests that her #performances are only to be taken lightly. While I can understand both sides of the argument, if Caramel Kitten thinks it’s funny enough to post for the world to see, then it should only be taken as such. And for those that don’t know how to twerk, she gives a realistic tutorial. Check out another of my favorite #twerkersgonewild chronicle clips below.

Caramel Kitten’s Youtube channel

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