[REVIEW] An American Introduction To Asher D


Asher D has been bubbling under the radar as a member of UK grime hip-hop group So Solid Crew, but his talent forays extend into more than just music. As real name Ashley Waters, the rapper has also garnered several gigs on television shows and films.


Asher D’s most notable American role was in the 2005 autobiographical 50 Cent film ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Playing Antoine, Asher made a name for himself amongst a sea of legends. The film went on to sell over $46 million at theaters worldwide, and is still in heavy syndication to this day.

asherd2Before appearing in 50’s film, he appeared on the ABC show ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’ at only age 10. Seven years later, Asher released two solo albums – 2002’s extremely rare ‘Why Me?’ and 2004’s ‘Street Sibling’. While neither album charted on the UK charts, his debut single “Back In The Day” reached moderate success internationally. Like many UK rappers, their affinity for dubstep isn’t as praised stateside, but Asher’s lyrical talents are undeniable. Soon thereafter, the rapper continued his string with acting in critically acclaimed #britdramas ‘Last Rights’ and ‘West 10 LDN’.


After his second album, Asher appeared in the UK indie film ‘Sugarhouse’, which is widely regarded as one of the founders of the urban thriller genre. Playing a smart, but homeless crack addict, Waters’ acting is very notable here, and remains one of his best roles to date.

asherd5In 2009, Walters put his many talents to good use by appearing at Sydney Fashion Week. The rapper-actor opened many more television roles after appearing on the runway, but he was still more concerned with his music. In 2011, Asher began to distribute his ‘Forgotten Treasures’ mixtapes online. Each of the four volumes featured new songs from the rapper and allowed him to become more of an international rap star. The mixtapes have become critically acclaimed, and has his name back into hip-hop lovers worldwide. Once his releases gain traction stateside, Asher will be on his way to true international success.

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