[VIDEO] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 x Jason’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ Preview


The first official character bio clip of the sixth season of ‘True Blood’ finds Jason at odds with his sanity – again. As the first of HBO’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ series that gives a snippet of what each major character is up to, Jason’s video definitely says a lot about what direction he’s headed post-Billith. The clip finds Jason in his usual territory, showcasing his extreme hate for vampires. When he gets a chance to have Eric’s British sister Nora all to himself, he takes the opportunity to demand information on Warlow in exchange for sparing her life. When Sookie steps in between them, Jason is faced with a life-changing choice – one that he’s definitely not ready to decide on after the recent mayhem at the AVL headquarters. With reports surfacing that no major character is safe from the #truedeath, this season opener gives lots of insight in regards to the future of Bon Temps. Watch Jason’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ clip below.

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