[NEWS] ‘Pitch Perfect’ Bella Anna Camp To Reprise Role As Sarah Newlin On ‘True Blood’ Season 6


Earlier this week, the Huffington Post confirmed that Anna Camp will return to Bon Temps this summer. The Golden Globe-nominated actress will reprise her role as Rev. Steve Newlin’s estranged wife Sarah on ‘True Blood’ season six. After taking on a host of A-list, award-winning starring film roles such as Aubrey Posen in ‘Pitch Perfect’ and Jolene French in ‘The Help’, Camp will make her first return to ‘True Blood’ since season two. When she was last seen in Bon Temps, Jason and Sookie Stackhouse were working to prevent Rev. Newlin’s ‘Fellowship of the Sun’ church from forcing Eric’s maker Godric from meeting the #truedeath. Jason’s brief stint in Dallas with the church pinnacled with a rendezvous with the #preacherswife ironically in the church’s balcony. After the events of season five (particularly the vampire and sexual orientation transformations of Rev. Newlin), there is plenty of room for writers to give Sarah Newlin’s storyline into the battle of humans versus vampires. Camp’s acting skills bring a unique mix of good versus evil and is done in one of the most seductive ways possible, especially for a human in Bon Temps. Watch a #classic scene from season two featuring Rev. and Sarah Newlin along with Jason below.

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