[VIDEO] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 x Alcide’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ Preview

Alcide’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ preview continues the drama that carried over from his #packmasterwin at the end of season five. In the clip, his new girlfriend Rikki argues with Martha (Emma’s grandmother) over the future of werewolves. There’s a real disdain that’s visible for anything Marcus-related, but Rikki snarls at Alcide during the first mention of keeping a baby wolf in their home. Alcide’s also using his #powercard well, ensuring that the actions they participate in now will allow them to survive the humans vs. everyone else war that’s been brewing post-Billith. With the Louisiana government inching in on all things supernatural, this clip shows that vampires aren’t the only species in danger now. Watch Alcide’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ clip below.

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