[SONG + VIDEO] Kreayshawn x ‘Blasé Blasé’

Yes, I’m beautiful and gorgeous
No, you can’t afford this
You driving in a Ford, bitch

Although Kreayshawn made history for having the lowest first week sales of a major label artist since Kevin Federline, it doesn’t mean that she can’t create hits. Off of her official debut album ‘Somethin’ Bout Kreay’ comes “Blasé Blasé”, the fourth single that sadly failed to make any impact on hip-hop charts. The song opens the album on an uptempo note, and features Kreay’s playful (and apparently not taken seriously) flow.  While Kreay has struggled to impact the world of rap, her lyrics are still comical and witty, despite her constant references of heavy drug usage. The video treatment for “Blasé Blasé” is very simplistic, but it’s probably done so to allow her lyrics to shine more brightly. Kreay dons a mix of goth, high fashion, and Oakland-inspired looks with a solid grey background. Seems like Columbia Records (a label that also houses Beyonce’) hasn’t put any more money into the ‘Somethin’ Like Kreay’ advertising era, especially prevalent in the “Blasé’ video. But still, there’s a bit of promise for Kreay as she hasn’t given up on giving her fans quality bars and beats with all of her singles. Watch and download Kreay’s “Blasé Blasé’ below.

Download HERE.

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