[SONG + VIDEO] Foxes x ‘Beauty Queen’

There’s a house in the forest
Where her days are forgotten
By the lake she dropped her dreams
Now they’ve sunk to the bottom

Mainstreamers may not know exactly who UK indie star Foxes is, but you’ve definitely heard her voice on the radio. The #britbeauty is most recently known for appearing on EDM star Zedd’s latest single “Clarity”. While “Clarity”, written by Skylar Grey, has already topped UK charts, its ascend on US radio has just begun. When the song reaches its inevitable peak a few months down the line, it will become a surefire summer smash and will also give a proper stateside introduction for her latest solo single “Beauty Queen”. As a juxtaposition to her perception of a “beauty queen” includes snippets from the Disney film ‘Cinderella’ and good versus bad shots of #beautyqueens. The clips begin with various queens being crowned with top prizes (the good) and then goes into queens that have fallen into that tragic #fallingontherunway motif (the really bad). When each of the models fall on the runway, Foxes’ lyric “beauty queen, it’s only skin deep” haunts viewers and makes you understand the true essence of her latest single. Not only are these #beautyqueens imperfect like everyone else, but they’re also still human. The ideas that Foxes portrays in the “Beauty Queen” video as well as in her songwriting are done in such a great parallel fashion that there’s no way her main idea isn’t clear to anyone – even the poor, closeted mainstreamers. With imagery and a message like this paired with her equally impressive appearance on Fall Out Boy’s “Just One Yesterday”, Foxes will soon become a #poptourdeforce to be reckoned with. Watch and download Foxes’ poignant clip for “Beauty Queen” below.

Download HERE.

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