[SONG + VIDEO] Nicky Da B x ‘Go Loko’

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you fuck me
I’m your stalker, baby
And there is no other trade I want to drive me crazy
I’m your stalker, baby

Almost a year after his critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Please Don’t Forget Da B’ hit iTunes, openly gay rapper Nicky Da B releases his second solo video “Go Loko” produced by renowned American photographer Clayton Cubitt. The club-ready, infectious beat interpolates Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and features his signature New Orleans #bounce style. “Go Loko” packs such a hard punch that it’s one of those songs that’s bound to have you moving across your living room floor just upon a first listen. The video starts off with the affirmation “there is a real gay rapper – his name is Nicky Da B” and the energy just increases at a rapid-fire pace from there. Not only does Nicky bring twerking into the forefront, but he shows that girls aren’t the only ones that can twerk. Nicky and a few of his male acquaintances gyrate for the camera just as good as their female counterparts and successfully introduce the “walk the dog” dance, accessorized by a shiny gold belt (as real queens do). Donning a matching sailor hat that reads “homo” with matching gold balloons carrying the same message, it’s clear that Nicky doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. After a successful appearance on Diplo’s international smash “Express Yourself” and taking his artistry even further with “Hot Potato Style”, it’s clear that an innovator such as Nicky Da B is here to stay. Watch and download Nicky Da B’s “Go Loko” below and download the full ‘Please Don’t Forget Da B’ EP here.

Download HERE.

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