[VIDEO] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 x First Official Trailer

The first full-length trailer of ‘True Blood’ season six has surfaced, and it’s way too much to process on all fronts. The vampires vs. humans war has reached a new climax with the Governor of Louisiana taking the lead (0:14). With Nora possibly being the first vampire to realize their existence on Earth is doomed due to Billith, a strange spirit (0:25) speaks to Lafayette about the end of the world. Even some of Bon Temps’ favorite characters including Sam, Holly, and Andy are included in the all-out war, which the spirit recites Lilith’s “this is God’s plan” quote (0:43) as a means of comfort to them. Also in the crosshairs are the werewolves, in which Nikki particularly feels that they are next for species endangerment (0:57). The trailer also gives a first glimpse of Macklyn, who somehow has ties to Sookie and Jason. But the penultimate spoiler from the official trailer is Lafayette’s drowning and baptism attempts (1:24) on Sookie – could he become the next person to be possessed by Lilith? While early reports placed the future of ‘True Blood’ in jeopardy, the sixth season is now less than a month away and brings the excitement factor to a different level. Watch the official ‘True Blood’ season six trailer below and tune into HBO on Sunday, June 16, 2013.

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