[SONG] Rocky Business (feat. Azealia Banks) x ‘Discovery Channel’

The body is a host to a spirit
Nonchalant, master to apprentice
Ambiance, closer to a Kendrick

rockybusinessNYC hip-hop band Rocky Business have returned with another indie hit from their ‘July’s Joy’ mixtape which was released earlier this year. The band enlists Azealia Banks to deliver a radio-friendly hook to their latest single “Discovery Channel”. Banks sings “give me, give me, another / take me, take me, discover the blue” over the #runwayready 70s beat like a true crooner. The vocal spotlight comes as no surprise territory for Banks, as her singing instrument has been prominently featured on her own covers of classic rock hits “Barely Legal and “Slow Hands”. The always #dressedtothenines duo spit true knowledge about the color “blue” and its significance to life and their existence, and Azealia seductively carries the sentiment throughout the chorus. While Azealia is a standout on “Channel”, Rocky Business deliver equally impressive verses, with hopes that the two entities would look out for each other on future collaborations. There’s probably no video in the works for the Rocky-Azealia duet, but it’s definitely a song worth multiple spins. Listen and download Rocky Business (featuring Azealia Banks) on “Discovery Channel” below.

Download HERE.

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