[NEWS] British Family Bullied Because Mother Dresses Up As Katy Perry

While I advocate for anyone that successfully tributes the Queen of Pop Katy Perry, I don’t condone bullying for anyone who doesn’t believes in her greatness. 25-year-old British model (and Katy tribute persona) Suzanne O’Neill has made public claims that her son David has been repeatedly victimized due to her (not really) controversial act. Among the heinous forms of bullying David encountered includes beatings, verbal abuse, and coming home with urine-stained clothing. When Suzanne asked for help from her son’s school, she was threatened by a mother of another student, citing “immorality” as the reason for such treatment. The bullying continued on Facebook with parents forming a group and posting several warning messages about Suzanne’s act. Due to the various forms of abuse, David has been moved to another school almost forty minutes away from home. Since parents have also contributed to the bullying due to O’Neill’s part-time gig, it’s safe to say that jealousy plays a huge factor here. Katy’s reign has undoubtedly held its own internationally, motivating children and adults of all ages to follow each of the pop star’s movements. Other artists with massive fanbases aren’t as classy as Katy’s #katycats and they’re definitely not friendly when it comes to defending their favorites. Even still, bullying is never the answer. O’Neill’s part-time gig is definitely a believable homage to Katy, and shouldn’t be taken seriously – but bullying should. View a few pictures of Suzanne’s Katy Perry impersonation along with pictures of her six-year-old son David below (source).
katybully2 katybully4 katybully3

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