[REVIEW] True Blood 6.01 x Who Are You, Really?


AVL Escape: The Billith mayhem continues right where it left off as he arises from a pool of blood as a new-and-improved vampire creation. Sookie’s #faerielight is extra-illuminated to Billith, who kills ‘I Love New York’ finalist-turned-actor Buddha in the show’s opening scene. Jason, excited about killing vampires, kills them left and right to escape the ensuing mayhem. The full gang of #ragtags (Sookie, Eric, Nora, Pam, Tara, and Jessica) narrowly escape the dangerous explosion, leaving an unharmed Billith watching their departure. Jason seems ecstatic to learn about the Governor’s new vampire restriction broadcasted on the radio, but the others are more concerned with their own safety. Nora argues that Billith needs to be destroyed, which severely upsets Jessica. Sookie vows to help Jessica save Bill while Nora and Eric strongly advise against it. Nora glamours Jason to learn all about Warlow, revealing that he is Lillith’s progeny. When Jason gets furious over being #brainraped, he storms away, discovering that Sookie would choose vampires over her own flesh and blood.

The Power of Billith: Billith violently summons Jessica, forcing Sookie to accompany her to keep both of them safe. At his mansion, they find Bill on the patio enjoying the breeze. Eric and Nora fly in to attack, leaving Sookie with no choice but to attempt to stake Bill. The vamps are utterly surprised to see that he is unharmed, and Bill basks in his newfound capabilities. After an unsuccessful rescue mission, Jessica stays with Bill as Eric walks Sookie home. Eric also gives her the deed back to her home (which he’s owned for two seasons now), giving Sookie the chance to rescind his invitation offer. Nora hints that faeries may be Billith’s only weakness, but Eric refuses any plan that includes sabotaging Sookie. Later that night, Bill offers Jessica a Tru-Blood. She drops the glass, but Bill’s telekinesis keeps it from making a mess. Jessica admits her fright for Bill’s new abilities, leaving him to admit he’s just as scared. He vows to put all his trust in Jessica to keep him under control. Bill leaves to research Lillith, but is interrupted by her incarnation and two additional bloody figures.

Governor Truman Burrell’s Mission: Louisiana officially declares war on vampires via Governor Burrell’s public address of the televised AVL incident. He cites the Tru-Blood shortage but there is clearly more to his agenda. Truman enacts a law that closes all vampire business and establishes a state-wide curfew to keep them inside at night. A vamp lover throws blood at him during his speech, but to no avail. That night, Truman meets the creator of Tru-Blood to propose a bribe – produce Tru-Blood in exchange for helping Louisiana resolve their money problems before the next governor election.

Shifters and Wolves: Luna doesn’t appear to survive the AVL mayhem, forcing Sam to take care of her daughter Emma. As part of the #deadpackmaster ritual, Alcide partakes in a fallen JD’s arm. Danielle, JD’s widow who appeared briefly last season, tributes herself to their new leader. After a run, Danielle attempts to seduce Alcide. Rikki interrupts, claims her property, and makes Danielle fellate her boyfriend. Sam takes Emma to Merlotte’s, where they are met by a drunken Lafayette. He urges him to forget that he saw a bloodied Sam at the bar after watching Luna’s shifting repeatedly on television. Once Emma leaves to get a home-cooked meal from Lafayette, Sam lets out his true emotion over Luna’s death.

Jason is picked up by a stranger after running off from the AVL. The stranger appears to be very interested in his family history, but becomes even more aroused when Jason delves into Sookie’s #faerieactivities. When the stranger identifies Jason, it is revealed that the stranger is (possibly) Warlow. Upset about Eric’s secret sister, Pam is in need of comfort, especially since she’s the only character to refer to Bill as “Billith”. Tara attempts to provide everything she can, but Pam just won’t budge. Back at Fangtasia, they find out about Gov. Burrell’s rulings when guards arrive to seize the bar. One of the guards injures Tara with a new anti-vampire weapon, leaving Pam helpless. Arlene isn’t too happy about Andy’s inability to raise his four kids, but talks some #southernsense into him. Terry gives him some militant baby-raising advice and he slowly begins to recognize his duty as a father. That night, Andy’s four kids wake up and are over six years old – an effect of faeries’ different perception of time.

Commentary: With every ‘True Blood’ premiere, every one of the main characters is in a whole lot of trouble. As always, I’m most worried for Sookie. With Nora, Warlow, and possibly Billith all in need of her special gift, there’s little chance she won’t end up getting drained again this year. The show producers wouldn’t have spent three seasons featuring Russell Edgington’s obsession with faerie blood for nothing, and I’m sure this idea will develop over the next nine episodes, possibly with a tie-in to Andy’s four children. I’m also certain that Jason’s #strangerencounter isn’t Warlow, but he’s somehow tied to Lillith (possibly as a previous incarnation). Finally, Lafayette’s storyline introduction was the least entertaining of all, but there’s slight hope that his medium abilities may help save Bon Temps come season’s end.

“Unless he’s flying over our heads like a naked, evil Superman.” (Jason on the escape from Bill)
“Honey, I don’t know about the world, but I’m about to end your face.” (Pam to Nora)
“Do I look like someone’s parent to you?” (Andy on fatherhood)
“If this is about your girlfriend turning into Steve Newlin, cause that’s the sickest thing I’ve seen on TV and I watch ‘Dance Moms'”. (Lafayette to Sam)
“I am not the big bad that everyone needs to fear.” (Gov. Burrell)

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