[NEWS] X-Men Comics Debut First All-Female Team

xmen_newOver the last fifty years, Stan Lee and Marvel’s ‘X-Men’ comics has featured men in its primary stories. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Professor X have all played large roles in leading the infamous superhero squad to missions involving fighting villains. In the most recent issue of ‘X-Men’ comics features a historical first for the Marvel franchise – an all-female team. The updated #xsquad consists of leader Storm along with Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty Pride, Rachel Grey (Jean Grey’s just-as-talented daughter), and Psylocke. Previous all-female storylines such as X-23 and Red She-Hulk were short-lived, but Marvel’s latest bunch of writers are hoping that the new, all-female team will be just as successful as the franchise’s original lineup. Of all the female X-Men characters they could’ve chosen, the writers have definitely picked up a very powerful group of women whom I’m excited about learning (even) more about. Check out a picture of the new X-Men below (source).


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