[SONG] Paul Oakenfold (feat. Azealia Banks) x ‘Venus’ (Original and Ibiza Versions)

Whenever legendary trance/EDM DJ Paul Oakenfold’s upcoming third album ‘Pop Killer’ is discussed, additional collaborations delay the project even further. Everyone from Eve and Cee-Lo to Ryan Tedder and Cher have been confirmed to appear on the set, but no firm release date has come forward as of yet. Once Billboard recently confirmed two of the disc’s biggest names – Miguel and Azealia Banks – the real demand officially began. Released alongside her own single “ATM Jam”, Banks appears on “Venus”, an uptempo single that’s tailor-made exclusively for club airplay. “Venus” finds Azealia donning her successful rapping-singing technique to deliver her most commercial performance to date. Banks raps “une chance, une danse, un rendez-vous en France / l’amour, la tour, on s’aimerais pour toujours” in a low, seductive tone that sets up her bars perfectly. The bridge and chorus are sung in Azealia’s on-again, off-again British accent, and commands her overall performance into new territory. While the Ibiza version of “Venus” is more energetic and Euro-inspired, the original version is a bit more sensual and allows for the lyrics to really smooth over. There’s still no word on Azealia’s own album, but “Venus” is a treat that has held me over until (and if) that day comes. Listen and download Azealia Banks’ “Venus” below.

Original Version:

Ibiza Version:

Download: Original / Ibiza

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