[SONG + VIDEO] DJ Fresh vs. Diplo (feat. Dominique Young Unique) x ‘Earthquake’

dominiqueyounguniqueA collaboration by a British and an American DJ is usually one of those rare instances of greatness, and DJ Fresh and Diplo’s “Earthquake” is no exception. Featuring bars from Tampa-bred Dominique Young Unique, “Earthquake” is a twerk-ready, high-energy song that’s serving as the first single from DJ Fresh’s upcoming album. Although the song won’t be released by Diplo, his influence on the song is much more prevalent than DJ Fresh’s. Dominique surprisingly impresses on the lyrical front despite her somewhat Iggy Azeala-esque delivery. The “Earthquake” video pays homage to the film ‘Kick-Ass 2’, with the movie’s soundtrack serving as the song’s second home. Dominique rocks a superhero costume and a katana as she narrowly escapes earthquake-related destruction through the streets of New York and Brazil. “Earthquake” is probably the biggest song (and video) that she’s done, and I must admit she looks near flawless throughout the entire clip. With Diplo on the beat along with DJ Fresh’s international prestige and the #twerkfactor that “Earthquake” provides, this song is the definition of “winning” in the EDM world. Watch and download DJ Fresh and Diplo’s collaboration with Dominique Young Unique “Earthquake” below.

Download HERE.

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