[NEWS] Former ‘The Game’ Actor Pooch Hall Shines On Showtime’s ‘Ray Donovan’

Actor Pooch Hall may have received #chumpchange during his seven year stint on BET’s ‘The Game’, but now he’s making A-list coins as Daryll Donovan on the breakout series ‘Ray Donovan’. Most popular for leaving his role as Derwin Davis on BET’s romantic comedy, Hall has received his first non-urban role on the highly successful Showtime series. While on ‘The Game’, Pooch never caught my eye besides the occasional shirtless scene. But with his latest co-starring role alongside Emmy-nominated actor Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth from X-Men Origins) and multiple Emmy- and Golden Globe-award winning actor Jon Voight (‘24’, ‘Ali’, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’), his acting skills are really coming into fruition. The series ‘Ray Donovan’ was recently named by the Critics Choice Award as the ‘Most Exciting New Series’ of 2013 as is picking up more steam with each episode. Pooch plays Daryll, an inexperienced boxer struggling to find his place in the ring, under his father Mickey (Voight), who is running from many crimes that plagued his relationship with his older son Ray (Schreiber) over 25 years ago. To make their interracial family web even more complicated, there’s two additional children – one an alcoholic and temperamental addict, the other struggling to recover from being molested by a priest as a child. The role for Hall is especially important as he’s the first artist from the underwhelming BET sitcom to receive such a star-studded television role. With ‘Ray Donovan’ already confirmed for a 2014 show run, Hall’s pivotal role on the show hopefully will be around for years to come. Watch three behind-the-scenes clips of Pooch Hall on ‘Ray Donovan’ below.

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