[NEWS] Lady Gaga’s “Floppause” Reaches New Lows With Prostitution, Begging, and Poor Sales

Some may refer to Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ era as rejuvenating the sound of pop music, but her steam’s finally began to cool down nearly four years later. “Applause” (stylized as #floppause on Twitter) has failed to meet expectations, despite an overly dramatic MTV VMA opener, a disjointed music video, and massive advertising campaign with Kia. The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is declining daily, leading me to conclude that Gaga’s reign (or lack thereof) may not even exist. While the Queen of Pop Katy Perry has done minimal advertising on her own, the NYC-bred singer has gone as far as to beg her fans for Itunes single purchases and YouTube views daily via her Twitter. To make matters even worse, Gaga has begged her fans to purchase multiple copies of #floppause to compete for a chance to attend the UK’s annual Itunes festival. While this behavior is unheard of for an artist of Gaga’s supposed caliber, some fans have turned to prostitution to win the contest. With no response from Gaga regarding these claims, this type of madness is unheard of in 2013 music. When Gaga tweeted (and subsequently removed) a computer code that allows fans to watch the #floppause video up to 150 times, Billboard spoke out against her behavior, saying “it’s not the spirit of what we chart”. While “Roar” will be double platinum by the end of September, #floppause hasn’t even sold 500,000 copies, proving that the real Queen of Pop isn’t going anywhere.

3 thoughts on “[NEWS] Lady Gaga’s “Floppause” Reaches New Lows With Prostitution, Begging, and Poor Sales

  1. Lady Flopga, the original artiste, paving the road for future singers to beg shamelessly for #1’s. Truly the pioneer and voice of our generation.

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