[SONG] Big Sean (feat. Miguel) x ‘Ashley’

bigseanBig Sean’s second album ‘Hall of Fame’ may not have made the same chart impact as his debut ‘Finally Famous’, but there are several noteworthy (and lyrically perfect) songs on the disc. On “Ashley” featuring Grammy-award winner Miguel, Big Sean shares a sentimental love song about ignoring the fame between couples when it comes to love. “Ashley” greatly details Sean’s relationship with Ashley, his high school sweetheart, and provides poignant storytelling towards loving a rapper. The song strikes a very emotional chord for Sean as he raps “sorry for when you had to cry yourself to sleep / tried to count on me and I made you count sheep”, giving a glimpse into his relationship that ended shortly before dating ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera. Miguel brings vocal power to the chorus, especially when he sings “and I’m just so fuckin’ lucky you’re my girl, girl, girl”. The R&B crooner’s part is very anthemic and adds a flair of soul to Big Sean’s raps like no other song from the Detroit-bred rapper before. As great as both Sean and Miguel’s performances are on this song, to make “Ashley” a single is an obvious no-brainer. Listen and download Big Sean featuring Miguel’s “Ashley” below.

Download HERE.

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