[SONG] Azealia Banks (feat. Pharrell) x ‘ATM Jam’

I’ms a mermaid, rhymes the nurse
I’m little red, red, ride the verse
My shimmy shake’s inside the shirt
Should a dyke and a gay guy try to flirt?

If twerking is your thing, “ATM Jam” is definitely the anthem for you. After nearly five months, the second single from Azealia Banks’ hotly anticipated debut album has been officially released – and it’s a bonafide hit. “ATM Jam”, featuring Pharrell, is definitely her most commercial single to date, but its arrangement truly showcases Azealia’s lyrical artistry. Each verse from Banks is thoughtfully rhymed and lyrically intricate despite its simplistic 16-bars-and-chorus format. Pharrell adds his spice to “Jam” by the (possibly too) repetitive chorus “I got racks, racks, racks, til the ATM jam, tell me what you wanna do / you’s a bad ass bitch, a bad ass bitch / that thong get lost in the fat ass bitch”. Being beautifully slim and slender, twerking at the strip club is the last place you’d expect to find an Azealia single, but “Jam” is an ass-shaking soiree for all shapes and sizes. Unlike “Yung Rapunxel”, Azealia’s latest is yearning for worldwide radio airplay – and will soon achieve such the feat. I’m sure when the official video is released, mainstreamers will begin to catch on and Azealia will get the true spins she rightfully deserves. But for now, there’s a polished, well-produced version of “Jam” to satiate her fans until ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ hits stores this winter. Listen and purchase Azealia Banks and Pharrell’s “ATM Jam” below.

Purchase “ATM Jam” HERE (Itunes).

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