[NEWS] ‘True Blood’ Season 7 Casting News

As the world prepares to bid adieu to the greatest vamp show on television, the first batch of casting has concluded for ‘True Blood’s final season. So far, none of the additions are new characters, but rather promotions to series regulars (meaning they’ll receive camera time in all ten episodes). Among the promoted guest stars include:
tb7_1Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Thornton): Of all the newfound series regulars, Porter’s role has been around through the show’s duration. Playing Tara Thornton’s over-drunken and super-religious mother, Lettie Mae’s had major plot points in five of the last six years. She was last seen at the tail end of season seven finally acknowledging her daughter’s vamp status and agreeing to love her for who she is.

tb7_2Bailey Noble (Adilyn Bellefleur): As the only surviving half-fae daughter of Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, Adilyn had a rough debut on the HBO show. She’s been drained, targeted, and forced to use her light against other faeries, and now she’s being given a full storyline. I’d like to see her continue the fae line, although I’m sure season four’s #faeriequeen wouldn’t be pleased with her breeding with humans.

tb7_3Willa Burrell (Amelia Rose Blaire): The super-innocent daughter of Governor Truman Burrell is now a vampire, but how will her inexperience factor into the whole Hep-V storyline. As the other vampires began claiming humans that they will protect, Willa was barely seen. Here’s to a few great Willa-Pam #maker battles during the last season.

tb7_4Karolina Wydra (Violet): The mysterious Violet could help the show end explosively in two ways. First, she could be revealed as Godric’s third progeny, angering Eric but making him feel that his maker’s legacy will continue. Second, her and Jason could enter into a weird four-way with James and Jessica. The latter probably won’t happen, but it’ll sure make the Stackhouse family tree even more complicated.

tb7_5Luke Grimes (James): Adding another sexy vampire isn’t nothing to complain about. James, who made his screen debut by refusing to have sex with Jessica for the sake of science, will most likely continue his arc with Bill’s progeny in the last season.

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